closeup head of lettuce
Birds · Parakeets

Can Budgies Eat Lettuce?

Deciding what to feed your budgie can be tricky, especially when it comes to human foods. Lettuce, though seemingly harmless, raises questions for many parakeet owners. This article will explore the types of lettuce that are safe for your feathered friend and how to incorporate them into their diet properly. Key Takeaways Can Budgies Eat…

closeup of cat sitting in litter box
Cat Behavior · Cats

Why Does My Cat Sit in the Litter Box?

Have you ever noticed your cat spending more time than usual in their cat litter box? It’s not just a quirky habit; there could be several reasons behind it. Cats are creatures of comfort and mystery, often leaving us guessing about their peculiar behaviors. This article dives deep into the whys and hows—unpacking both behavioral…

group of neon tetras
Aquariums · Fish · Tetras

How Many Neon Tetras Can You Put in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Are you wondering just how many neon tetras your 10-gallon tank can support? It’s a common dilemma for aquarium enthusiasts like you who want to create the perfect underwater community, trying to find that balance between a beautifully stocked tank and the well-being of its inhabitants. One key fact to keep in mind is that…