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Deciding to welcome a Flemish Giant rabbit into your home is exciting. However, understanding the cost involved can be overwhelming.

These gentle giants are known for their friendly nature and impressive size, which means they come with unique needs and expenses.

A key fact to keep in mind: the price of owning a Flemish Giant can vary significantly based on factors like pedigree and whether you’re opting for a show-quality bunny.

This article will guide you through the initial purchase price, setup costs, and ongoing expenses of keeping one of these remarkable rabbits as pets.

Whether considering buying from breeders or adopting, we’ll cover what you can expect to pay and how to budget for your new furry friend’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Flemish Giant rabbits cost between $50 and $300 when bought, with prices varying based on the rabbit’s pedigree and where you buy it from. Breeder rabbits come with health guarantees but are pricier, while adoption is cheaper and gives a second chance to a rabbit in need.
  • Setting up for a Flemish Giant includes buying a large cage or hutch, toys, bedding, and food which can initially cost between $50 and $1,000 depending on indoor or outdoor setups. Monthly expenses for food, litter, and care range from roughly $35 to $60.
  • Regular vet visits are essential for keeping your Flemish Giant healthy; spaying or neutering costs around $250. Consider pet insurance starting at about $20 per month to cover unexpected medical expenses. The yearly cost of owning these rabbits ranges from $750 to $2,750.

Costs of Purchasing a Flemish Giant Rabbit

From Breeders

Prices for a Flemish Giant rabbit from breeders can vary widely. You might pay anywhere between $50 and $300 for one with a pedigree, showing it’s of breeding quality. The cost depends on the breeder’s reputation and how competitive they are in the rabbit world.

Buying from a recognized Flemish giant breeder ensures you’re getting a healthy, well-bred pet. They often provide valuable advice on care, feeding your Flemish giant, and even tips on using a litter box properly.

Remember, pedigreed rabbits tend to be more expensive but come with assurances about health and lineage that can save costs down the line.

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From a Pet Store

The prices for Flemish Giant rabbits from pet stores can vary, but they typically range from $40 to $150. Pet stores usually don’t have a lot of Flemish Giant rabbits to choose from, so you might not find the exact color, size, or personality you want.

When thinking about buying a Flemish Giant rabbit from a pet store, there are some downsides to consider. One big issue is that pet stores often don’t have much information about the rabbit’s background, health history, or how it was bred.

Also, rabbits in pet stores might have more health problems because they could be stressed, kept in crowded spaces, or not bred well. They might not have received the right vet care or shots either.

Another thing to think about is that pet store rabbits might not have been socialized well, which can affect how they act and how well they get along with people.

Buying from pet stores can also support mass breeding places, or “rabbit mills,” where animals are often kept in bad conditions.

While the price might seem lower at first, the cost of dealing with health or behavior issues later on can add up.  Also, pet stores can make it too easy to buy a rabbit on a whim, which can lead to problems if owners aren’t ready for the long-term commitment and care these rabbits need.

From a Local Shelter or Rescue

Adopting a Flemish rabbit often costs less than buying one from breeders. Adoption fees can range widely but generally fall below $100.

Pet shelters and rescue organizations are good places to look for previously owned Flemish giants that need new homes. Adopting not only saves you money but also gives a rabbit in need a second chance at life.

The cost may include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and sometimes even a bag of pellet food or bedding to start. Each shelter has its own policies, so it’s essential to ask what the adoption fee covers.

Remember, adopting from these places supports their mission and helps other animals too.

 Flemish Giant Rabbit Costs: Initial Setup and Supplies


Flemish Giant rabbits need a lot of space due to their size. Indoor cages vary and can cost between $50 and $150, catering to different designs and needs.

For those preferring the outdoors, hutches offer a great solution with prices ranging from $30 up to $1,000. Regardless of indoor or outdoor setups, ensuring enough room for your rabbit to move around is key.


Including bedding in your budget is essential for comfort and hygiene. The bedding keeps their living space clean and cozy. Depending on the type you choose, expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $60 on bedding materials.

Opt for absorbent materials that control odor. Change it regularly to keep your Flemish giant happy and healthy. This expense ensures your Flemish Giant has a cozy area to rest while keeping the enclosure clean and odor-free.


Toys are an essential part of your Flemish Giant Rabbit’s life, providing much-needed mental stimulation and physical activity. They can range from $20 to $30 for special rabbit toys.

However, you can also create DIY toys from recycled items at no extra cost. These homemade options not only save money but also allow for customization based on your rabbit’s preferences.

flemish giant rabbit outdoors

Ongoing Monthly Costs

Food and Litter

Feeding a Flemish giant rabbit costs between $35 and $60 monthly, covering pellets, produce, and hay. Quality pellets play a big part, with a monthly expense of around $15. For hay—essential for their diet—a 50-pound bale ranges from $10 to $20.

This means you’ll spend about $20 to $40 each month just on hay.

Litter is another key aspect of care. Flemish giants are large rabbits that can learn to use a litter box efficiently, helping keep their area clean. The cost of litter varies based on the type you choose but expect it as an additional monthly expense alongside food costs.

This helps ensure your rabbit’s living space stays fresh and hygienic.

Health Care

Caring for a Flemish Giant rabbit includes regular visits to the veterinarian. These check-ups can catch health issues early, saving you money and stress.

Spaying or neutering your rabbit is crucial – it costs around $250 but prevents unwanted litters and some health problems.

Your Flemish Giant will also need routine grooming. This means buying nail clippers ($5–$10) and a brush or comb ($7–$15). Keeping their fur well-groomed helps prevent matting and skin infections, contributing to their overall health.

Remember, the average yearly cost of owning one of these giants ranges from $750 to $2,750 – healthcare expenses make up a significant part of this budget.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance for rabbits, including Flemish Giants, is a safety net many pet owners choose. Pet insurance carriers offer plans starting at $20 a month.

For those wanting more coverage, prices can climb to $100 or higher. This cost covers unexpected vet visits and treatments, easing the financial burden of emergency care.

Choosing insurance means planning for your rabbit’s health needs without the stress of high medical bills later on. It’s an investment in their well-being and your peace of mind as an owner.

flemish giant in fenced garden


Owning a Flemish Giant rabbit involves costs from purchasing to daily care. Prices range widely, from $50 for pet-quality bunnies to $300 or more for show stars. Annually, you might spend between $650 and $2,750 on your gentle giant.

Remember, the initial setup with cages and toys adds up quickly but is a one-time cost. Ongoing expenses like food, health care, and occasional treats keep your bunny happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the price of a Flemish Giant rabbit?

The cost of a Flemish Giant can vary, often starting from $50 and up. The price depends on factors like the breeder’s location, rabbit quality, and if it’s recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Adopting from a local shelter can mean significant savings as well as rescuing a homeless buddy in need!

Where can I buy a Flemish Giant rabbit?

You’ve got options—either from reputable breeders or a local rescue that specializes in large breeds like the Flemish giant. Always aim to find a pet through trusted sources to ensure health and ethical breeding practices.

Are there extra costs after buying a Flemish Giant rabbit?

Yes, beyond the initial purchase, prepare for additional expenses such as food—an ounce of pellets per pound of body weight daily—housing, health care, and perhaps even a pet sitter during vacations.

How much does it cost to take care of one every month?

Owning these gentle giants means monthly costs too; this includes their diet needs,—one ounce of pellets per pound they weigh—a comfortable habitat. All in all? It may cost somewhere between $35 to $60 monthly after setting everything up.

Can I save money purchasing without pedigree papers?

Sure! If you’re not planning on showing your bunny at competitions, getting one without–or “pet quality”–could save you money upfront. Adopting from a local rescue is also a great option. However, knowing its lineage might be important for understanding potential health issues, so weigh your choices carefully!

Is owning a flemish giant complex?

Not really–however, they do need space due to their size, regular grooming given their fur quantity, and social interaction because they get along very well with humans! Plus, always remember: bigger rabbits mean bigger responsibilities–but equally big love too!

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How Much Does a Flemish Giant Rabbit Cost?

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