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Ever wondered why your dog brings everything from their favorite toy to the occasional household item to their bed? This habit is more than just endearing, it’s rooted in deep primal instincts.

This blog will help decode this seemingly quirky behavior and provide you with strategies to manage or encourage it based on your furry friend’s specific needs. Keep reading for some insightful “tails” about your dog’s bedtime ritual.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs bring things to their bed for different reasons, such as attachment, playfulness, curiosity, boredom, attention-seeking, and resource guarding.
  • Bringing toys to bed can provide comfort and security for dogs. It’s similar to how humans sleep with special items from childhood.
  • Dogs may bring objects to their bed when they are bored or seeking attention. Providing mental stimulation and regular exercise can help prevent this behavior.

Reasons Why Dogs Bring Things to Their Bed

Dogs bring things to their bed for several reasons, including attachment, playfulness, curiosity, boredom, attention-seeking, and resource guarding.

dog laying in bed with toys around it


Dogs often form a strong link to their toys. They see these playthings as more than just objects for fun. The scent and feel of the toys offer comfort and ease to your pet. Keeping their favorite toy in bed helps them feel safe and calm.

This habit also shows that they own these items and their sleeping area too. It is much like how we humans may sleep with a special blanket or teddy bear from when we were young! Dogs show love, like humans do, in many ways – one such way is by holding onto familiar stuff as they go to bed after a long day!


Dogs love to have fun. You may often spot your pup with a toy in his mouth, ready for playtime at any hour of the day. So, bringing toys to their bed could be an act of playfulness too.

They might view their comfy, cozy dog bed as the perfect spot for an adorable snuggle and cuddle session with their favorite stuffed animal or chew toy.

Toys also add joy and excitement to a dog’s life. After a long day full of wagging tails and playful barks, they may want to bring this joy right into bedtime by keeping toys nearby.

This habit is very natural for them since it encourages mental stimulation even as they get ready for sleep or rest in their sleeping area.


Dogs show a lot of curiosity in many ways. One common way is by carrying toys to bed. Your dog may take a toy to bed just to figure out what it does, how it smells or tastes! It’s their fun time before they hit the hay.

This behavior can be seen as an exercise for mental stimulation. The need for your pet to explore new things satisfies their natural instinct and keeps them happy and engaged!


Dogs may bring their toys to bed because they are bored. When dogs don’t have enough mental and physical stimulation, they can get restless and look for ways to entertain themselves.

Bringing a toy to bed is one way for dogs to alleviate their boredom. It gives them something to do and keeps them occupied during quiet times, like when everyone else in the house is sleeping.

Dogs may also rip the stuffing out of toys out of boredom or as a way to satisfy their natural instinct to chew. So, if you notice your dog bringing toys to bed or destroying them, it could be a sign that they need more mental stimulation and playtime during the day.


Dogs may bring objects to their bed as a way of seeking attention from their owners. This behavior can be a result of not getting enough exercise, mental stimulation, or attention throughout the day.

By pawing at us, licking us, or picking up and bringing objects to their bed, dogs are trying to get our attention and engage with us. Some breeds may have a higher tendency for attention-seeking behavior than others.

Adolescent puppies may also exhibit this behavior as they are still learning and growing. It’s important for dog owners to provide their furry friends with plenty of exercise, playtime, and attention to help prevent them from seeking attention in potentially destructive ways.

Resource guarding

Resource guarding is a behavior where a dog wants to protect certain things that they consider valuable, like toys, food, or even their bed. It’s their way of claiming ownership and telling others to back off.

This behavior can be concerning for dog owners because it may lead to growling, snapping, or biting when someone tries to approach the possessions. Dogs naturally want to keep what they perceive as theirs and may become possessive over these items.

Resource guarding can be inherited or influenced by how the dog was raised. It’s important for pet owners to understand this behavior so they can address it appropriately and prevent any potential conflicts or accidents from happening.

Ways to Address and Manage This Behavior

There are several ways you can address and manage your dog’s behavior of bringing things to their bed. Here are some strategies you can try:

  1. Provide appropriate toys: Make sure to give your dog a variety of safe and engaging toys that they can chew on and play with. This will help satisfy their need for mental stimulation and prevent them from seeking out other objects to bring to their bed.
  2. Teach the “drop it” command: Train your dog to release objects on command by using positive reinforcement techniques. This will help prevent them from hoarding or guarding items, and instead learn to let go of them when asked.
  3. Increase exercise and mental stimulation: Dogs often bring things to their bed out of boredom or excess energy. By providing regular exercise, such as walks or interactive play sessions, you can help tire them out and reduce the likelihood of this behavior.
  4. Establish a bedtime routine: Create a consistent routine before bedtime that includes activities like a walk, playtime, or puzzle toys. This will help your dog associate their bed with relaxation and sleep rather than bringing items to it.
  5. Address separation anxiety: If your dog is bringing things to their bed due to separation anxiety, consult with a veterinarian or professional trainer for guidance on how to help alleviate this issue. They may recommend techniques such as desensitization exercises or medication if necessary.
dog snuggled in bed with toys


Dogs bring things to their bed for various reasons. It could be because they are attached to the item, playful, curious or bored. They may also be seeking attention or guarding resources.

Understanding why your dog exhibits this behavior can help you address and manage it effectively. Providing mental stimulation, offering appropriate toys, and consulting with a veterinarian can all contribute to creating a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs take their toys to bed?

Dogs may bring their toys to bed at night for comfort, and because they want to feel safe.

Is it okay if my dog brings his toys to his comfortable bed?

Yes, this is a harmless habit of your canine companion showing that he wants a comfortable place for sleep with his favourite toy.

Can bringing toys be linked back to wild dogs’ habits?

Yes, in the past, wild dogs used to bury leftover prey for safety reasons – your domesticated pet might be enacting the same idea by taking something like a toy.

What does it mean when my dog has a tendency to bring all his things in one spot?

If you find your dog always collecting and getting ready its objects in one place, it may seem compulsive but could actually signify that your pup is being territorial or looking for attention.

Should I encourage my dog’s behavior of constantly keeping its items on its bed?

Encouraging this behavior largely depends on each particular situation; still, ensure that new habits don’t stop them from receiving the necessary care and attention they need.

Are there any solutions or considerations if I don’t want my canine friend bringing every toy into the sleeping area?

Yes! You could give your four-leggers other engagements such as fun games or training routines which would reduce their tendency towards keeping everything onto their beds.

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Why Do Dogs Take Things To Their Bed?

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