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Ever thought about how fast your bearded dragon can sprint when it gets the urge to run? These fascinating creatures, known for their calm demeanor and unique appearance, are capable of reaching top speeds up to 9 miles per hour!

This article will delve into understanding the speed of a bearded dragon in different circumstances such as captivity versus the wild.

What’s more, we’ll compare this speed with other reptiles – so stick around and learn surprising facts about your scaly companions!

Key Takeaways

  • Bearded dragons are able to run at a top speed of 9 miles per hour, which is surprisingly fast for a lizard.
  • Factors such as size, age, health, and environment can affect the speed at which a bearded dragon can run.
  • Compared to other reptiles, bearded dragons may not be the fastest but are still surprisingly speedy. They can also run on two legs for added agility.

How Fast Can Your Bearded Dragon Run Around the House?

Factors such as size, age, and health can impact a bearded dragon’s speed.

Factors that affect speed

There are many things that touch on how fast a bearded dragon can run. Let’s look at them:

  1. Kind of bearded dragon: There are many types. Some move quicker than others.
  2. Age: Baby bearded dragons often run faster than old ones.
  3. Size: Big dragons nearly always run slower than small ones.
  4. Where it lives: Bearded dragons in the wild might move faster than those kept as pets.
  5. Health state: A sick dragon will not be up to full speed, but a healthy one could reach even 9 miles per hour!
  6. Danger level: If a bearded dragon feels danger, it may run faster to escape.
  7. Room to move: Dragons need enough space to reach their top speed.

Speed in captivity vs. in the wild

The top speed of a wild bearded dragon is generally similar to that of a captive one, reaching up to about 9 miles per hour. However, wild bearded dragons might have more opportunities to reach these speeds due to their natural environment.

They often have more space to run and more reasons to do so, such as evading predators or chasing after prey. Because of this, they may exhibit better stamina and agility compared to captive bearded dragons.

In the wild, these reptiles face daily survival challenges that keep them on their toes, so to speak. They might develop better muscle tone and overall fitness due to the more active and challenging lifestyle.

However, it’s important to note that the actual top speed doesn’t significantly differ between captive and wild bearded dragons. Both have similar physical capabilities; it’s the environment and lifestyle that mainly set them apart.

Maximum speed of a bearded dragon

Bearded dragons can run very fast. The usual top speed of a bearded dragon is 9 miles per hour. One even hit a record speed of 20.8 miles per hour once! They often use this speed when they need to flee from danger or chase after food.

Just like us, fear or hunger can make them move faster. So, the fastest you might see your pet bearded dragon run could be around 8 to 10 miles an hour if it gets scared or sees something tasty! It’s quite surprising how such a small creature can reach these speeds.

bearded dragon perched on owners hand

Training Bearded Dragons to Run

Training your bearded dragon to run can be a fun and engaging experience for both you and your pet.

First, create a safe environment with enough space for your bearded dragon to move freely. Then, use treats like insects or veggies to encourage movement. Hold the treat in front of your bearded dragon and then move it away slowly to get them to follow.

Gradually, your pet will start to understand that moving towards the treat results in a tasty reward. This exercise not only helps your bearded dragon get some physical activity, but also strengthens your bond with them.

Remember to keep training sessions short and positive, so your pet stays interested and eager to learn.

Comparing Bearded Dragon Speed to Other Reptiles

Bearded dragons can reach a maximum speed of up to 9 miles per hour, but how does this compare to other reptiles?

Average running speeds of other reptiles

The average running speeds of other reptiles can vary widely, due to differences in size, species, and environment. Below is a table that provides a comparison of the average running speeds of different reptiles:

Reptile Average Running Speed
Bearded Dragon 9 mph
Komodo Dragon 12 mph
Leatherback Sea Turtle 22 mph (swimming)
Green Iguana 21 mph
Black Mamba Snake 12 mph

As indicated in the table, bearded dragons can reach speeds of up to 9 mph, making them surprisingly speedy compared to other reptiles. Interestingly, they can even run on two legs, which adds to their agility and speed. However, they rarely run at their top speed and usually prefer a slower pace.

Comparatively, other reptiles such as the Komodo dragon and the black mamba snake can reach speeds of 12 mph, while the green iguana can run as fast as 21 mph. The leatherback sea turtle, mainly a swimming creature, can reach an impressive speed of 22 mph in water.

How bearded dragons measure up

Bearded dragons are known for their surprising speed. While they may not be as fast as other reptiles, they can still reach impressive speeds. They have the ability to run on their two hind legs, allowing them to move with agility and swiftness.

Bearded dragons are also known for their running ability when threatened or in pursuit of prey. So, although they may not be the fastest reptiles out there, bearded dragons definitely measure up when it comes to speed.

bearded dragon in the grass


Bearded dragons may not be the fastest reptiles, but they can still run at impressive speeds. With their hind legs, they can reach top speeds of up to 9 miles per hour. So if you ever see a bearded dragon running, don’t underestimate their speed! They might just surprise you with how fast they can go.

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How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run?

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  1. Holy cow! Nine miles an hour?! These little guys can definitely outrun me. The kids want a bearded dragon so if we get one I’ll have to make sure we keep it safe and in it’s aquarium.